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Alfred Kenneth
Angelova Tania
Arnaud Catherine
Bang Hai Ja
Chopin Florent
Cyvoct Colin
de Cicco Diane
Desloubières Philipp..
Dias Lopes Nelson
Echkenazi Claire
Garnesson Laurence
Gourier Philippe
Isnard Jean
Jacqz Hélène
Jean Christine
Karr Hazel
Lanore Alban
Leutert Katharina
Luyckx Benoit
Mondon Natacha
Nectoux Pascale
Oulmont Jean-Patrice
Pedulla Rita
Prevot Lise
Rolde Olivia
Sardis Myriam
Slacik Anne
Vannier Christine
Vignal Anne
Wolfe Judith
Yu Zhao
Zilveti Luis
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"I use steel. I have the feeling that no other material has this living character ans this sensual density altough it is industrially manufactured. I like this paradox."


"The balance, over the space associated with their manumental presence, the aspect of the material which is sometimes oxidized, painted or with a patina, sometimes grany or smooth, the exclusively curved line and totemic volume or at the contrary deployed horizontally are the components of these sculptures"


"Each sculpture is created one after the other. The carrying out the first one contain the shape of the the previous ones. Each one is likel a freeze frame in the entire development."

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