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Painters and sculptors

Our values and objectives are to facilitate the connection between one or several artists and people sensitive to their works.

ArtContract will be delighted to organize at your premises -or at rented outside premises-, events around one or several artists for either your customers or shareholders or your emplyees.

ArtContract suggestes a selection of artists, take care of works transportation, up and down hanging of the works, provides the necessary elements for a good pre'sentation of the selected artists at the opening, can accomodate a buffet reception.

The works presented can be purchased or auctionned.

For each artist, ArtContract will be delighted to

- introduce you to the artists at their studio where they work
- arrange a presentation of several works of the artist at ArtContract' place.
- allow you to purchase one or several works
- Keep you informed of upcoming exhibitions and new works produced by artists.


ArtContract has a partnership with DMO Events, an events specialist.

Do not hesitate to contact Roseline Morel via email



Our selection of designers targets retailers, whosalers in gift and bath accessories.

ArtContract also targets architects and interior designers for their projects of interior decoration.

Do not hesitate to contact Roseline Morel who will be more than happy to meet with you with samples and present the collections.